A household name in the ice cream game, Dolce has been a persevering staple from when we were young school kids, cooling generation after another on hot summer days. The mastermind behind some of the most popular ice creams around, such as Dolceca and Wich, was preparing to launch its latest creamy confection, and we couldn’t be happier to help.
Dolce Remix is the perfect blend of refreshing fruity flavors and satisfying creamy textures. Its outer shell is a sweet mixed-berries popsicle, and its filling is a smooth vanilla yogurt ice cream. When we weren’t busy devouring one Dolce Remix after another, we worked on the product logo and packaging design.
We wanted the packaging design to truly reflect the deliciousness inside so consumers could relish the ice cream before even opening the wrapper. We produced a realistic 3D airbrush food shot from scratch to amplify the vibrant colors, the nostalgic textures of the fruity outer shell, and the richness and smoothness of the creamy inner filling, bringing the ice cream to life through its packaging.
While the Remix product shot was the showstopper in the middle of the pack, it was complemented by an array of vanilla flowers and mixed berries floating in a ring around the ice cream to elaborate its delectability. We added a playful yellow word mark logo with subtle flavor elements above the 3D food shot to bring the whole design together against a neat pink backdrop for that extra eye candy
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