Acitiva Rayeb is an after meal dairy milk that help with digestions, It is the only product in Egypt that is unique with containing probiotics that are good for the digestive system.
Assignment : The main task in design was to create a modern, clean packaging design and most importantly to be easily recognized and differentiated on shelf as the market research results stated that consumer can not differentiate between flavors due to shelf height that cover the flavor name & food shot at the bottom of the bottle. In addition to adding the light pack to Activia Rayeb range as it will be launched with the new packaging revamp.
Solution : We decided to slightly adjust the pack architecture, we crafted a new modernized claim. at the center of the bottle. We have emphasized the difference by using smooth colors at the top & center to easily differentiate, a vertically flavor color coded product name in contrast with the pouring milk visual that narrates the lightness and effectiveness of the product that is placed on a pure white background.
The Result is a pack that embodies the essence of Rayeb digestive milk with a clean & fresh pack look and feel along side the easy differentiation on shelf.
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